Cannabis and Youth: What Educators Need to Know


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Tamar Meyer, Provincial System Support Program (PSSP), CAMH Andra Ragusila, Provincial System Support Program (PSSP), CAMH

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Cannabis is one of the most commonly used psychoactive substances amongst students in Ontario, after alcohol and tobacco. The legalization of cannabis has been scheduled for Oct 17th, when it will become legal for adults over 19 to use cannabis recreationally. This workshop will introduce educators to the rationale for cannabis legalization from a public health approach and it will provide an overview of student cannabis use patterns in Ontario.

À la fin de l’atelier, les participantes et participants seront en mesure de…
  • Understand the prevalence of student cannabis use in Ontario;
  • Become acquainted with signs and symptoms of cannabis dependence;
  • Learn about Canadian lower-risk cannabis use guidelines; and
  • Familiarize themselves with Ophea's cannabis education supports for educators.