Thursday Presentations

Join us for in-depth presentations and facilitated discussions on a variety of current and emerging H&PE curriculum implementation and well-being related topics.

Each presentation will be led by a subject expert. This will be followed by a facilitated discussion where delegates can deepen their learning and determine how it applies to their work.

James Mandigo -Fostering Living Skills through H&PE

Living skills are an integral part of fostering physical literacy and critical thinking through the Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum. Similarly, they have also been identified by UNESCO as a core element of Quality Physical Education program. This session will highlight how living skills can be intentionally taught through a quality H&PE program and the physical, social, and cognitive benefits for students associated with acquiring living skills through H&PE. The role of living skills to support the development of physical literacy and critical thinking within the context of the H&PE curriculum will also be highlighted.

Janice Forsyth -Reconciliation at School: Understanding the TRC and Physical Education

When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) completed its six-year investigation in 2015 into the Canadian Indian residential school system, it released a series of reports that documented how to move forward to address Canada's colonialism. Physical education and sport were important components of the reports, as well as the Calls to Action, raising important questions about how physical education and sport are implicated in Canada's colonialism, past and present. For instance, how are physical education teachers to understand the TRC reports? How is physical education tied to colonialism? And what can physical education teachers do to address the Calls to Action? Janice Forsyth will walk us through this discussion, offering insights about physical education and colonialism, and how physical education teachers might go about addressing the Calls to Action in their everyday practice.