2016 Ophea Conference Q&A with Marc-André Proulx


Here is a sneak peak of Marc-André Proulx’s Play with Ophea: Physical Activity Blitz session, taking place at #Ophea2016!

Q&A with Marc-André Proulx

1) What interests you most about the topic of physical activity and inclusion? 

I strongly believe that every student can learn and succeed. By providing them an encouraging place to learn and taking into account their strengths, interests and needs, we can help and see them succeed.

2) What key learnings to you hope participants will leave from your session? 

I hope that all participants will learn new strategies to use in their day-to-day teaching practices. I also hope that participants can develop professional relationships, and that they’ll find my session engaging and fun!

3) How will your session support participants to build healthy, active schools and/or communities?

As we all know, we must establish strong relationships to deliver a quality program. I hope participants will be able to learn how to find and develop those relationships, and bring them to their school. For example, schools that offer Specialist High Skills majors in “Health and Wellness” and “Sports” have several community partners to ensure the sustainability of their programs. There are also several organizations like the Heart and Stroke Foundation that can provide presentations in schools and support students physical activity.  

4) Provide an example of how you apply a key learning from your session into your daily regimen/routine.

We all want to offer quality H&PE classes. Through this workshop, I hope all participants will have the opportunity to enhance their differentiated instruction and evaluation skills.

5) What are you looking forward to the most about being at the conference?

After a few years at another position at the school board, I’m really looking forward to improving myself as an H&PE teacher. I’m looking forward to taking part in various workshops and applying what I’ve learned in my classes.


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