2016 Ophea Conference Q&A with Deborah Shackell


Here's a sneak peak of Deborah Shackell’s workshop Beyond Tracking - Enhancing Assessment with Digital Tools, taking place at #Ophea2016!

Q&A with Deborah Shackell

  1. What interests you most about assessment in H&PE?

My increased interest in Physical Education assessment and evaluation was sparked by two small but meaningful events that occurred in the last year:

A – Quality Feedback
One of my colleagues, Louise Owen, is a tremendous resource and has supported many teachers with learning in assessment and evaluation.  She shared the following quote with me and it had a major impact on my practices in assessment and evaluation.  It is taken from Dylan William’s paper, Inside the Black Box:

We need to ensure that feedback causes a cognitive rather than an emotional reaction - in other words, feedback should cause thinking.

When we have the opportunity to provide feedback to our students we need to ensure that it is useful and contributes to the learning.  William’s quote urges us to move from praise to instructional feedback.

B - Sharing Feedback
At the 2015 Ophea Conference I was with a group of secondary teachers who were discussing effective ways to manage and record feedback and marks.  They were excited about some of the new tech tools that support this and shared some of the pros and cons of each tool when used by teachers. When asked how collected feedback was being shared with students the group had an “aha” moment - realizing that they weren’t sharing the majority of this feedback with students (feedback was only being used for the purpose of generating a mark for the report card).  

  1. How will your workshop support building healthy, active lives/schools/communities?

Since the purpose of assessment is to improve student learning we need to find effective ways to share feedback with students.  This workshop will help educators learn how to go a step further by harnessing the power of students learning - by providing them opportunities to give peer feedback and self-reflect.  

Including students in assessment and evaluation will not only engage students but will empower them to be leaders of their own learning.  This confidence and ownership will transfer over into other areas of school life to help build healthy, active, student-centered schools and communities.

  1. What key learnings do you hope participants will leave with from the workshop?

    By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Utilize a variety of digital tools for assessment (e.g. Google forms and doc appender, ThingLink, Adobe Voice)
  • Consider new possibilities to make students’ thinking and learning visible
  • Be motivated to include students in the assessment process
  • Have a better understanding of the importance of learning goals and success criteria

*Lisa Boate and I will provide our session twice and although it can be applied to both audiences, there will be elementary specific examples in one session and secondary specific examples in the other.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most about being at the conference?

Lisa and I look forward to meeting new people, making connections, sharing ideas and lots of new learning!  

     Deborah Shackell

     Program and Innovation Resource Teacher - Healthy Active Living
     Simcoe County District School Board


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